Heavenly Desserts Franchise USA

Bringing Luxury To America

Heavenly Desserts is the fastest growing dessert franchise companies in the USA. Our company is built on the vision of two friends who decided to develop a premier approach to the delivery of Desserts. Our contemporary interiors and quality delivery of product are what sets Heavenly Desserts apart.

Heavenly Desserts USA Franchising

Do You Have What It Takes?

We are seeking Master Franchisees that are experienced business people with a proven knowledge of due legal and commercial processes within USA. An F & B background is helpful, but not mandatory.

Essentially, we need your team to be acutely aware of customer service and staff motivation, with a keen eye on delivery at point of execution. Our brand is all about ‘affordable luxury’ and integrating that message in every process is key to send out a precise and sustainable brand message.

The Icing On The Cake

Heavenly Desserts was founded 2008 and expanded into its current form in 2012, so we know how successfully the stores trade. Franchising relies heavily on the quality of the franchisee in-situ and that is no different at Heavenly Desserts.

Suffice to say, the Heavenly Desserts franchise offers an industry busting Return on Investment (ROI) for the right franchisees. When the name plate is placed over the door, the hard work begins… Your ROI will depend on your own capability and performance. We will be absolutely transparent on the financial model, ensuring you are fully aware of the potential on offer.


Do You have Successful Franchisees Within The USA?

Yes, we do. We have steadily grown our franchisee base and you will have access to any of these people if you wish to ask them about their own experience. We plan to open 30 new franchise stores per annum, taking considered care in providing on-going support to optimise their franchise base.

Do You Have A Set Deal To Master Franchisee?

Firstly, we want you to be assured that any deal will be set on the basis of this perpetual principle: ‘Both sides win’.

Secondly, we are acutely aware that each country, or territory, has variable commercial considerations and demographics, so we will work with you to find a win-win arrangement.

How Will You Support Me in USA, Many Miles Away From the UK?

We will use our successful store base in the UK for your thorough training and operational considerations. All our stores are efficacious and profitable and that is for a reason, which we intend on sharing with you. We will share our legal, marketing, territory mapping and supply chain with you in a totally transparent manner, protecting your cost base throughout.

Can You Help Me With Raising Local Funding?

We have available to us constant support from all UK banks and internationally, via HSBC. We will therefore be in a strong position if required to steer you effectively through this vital aspect of the your business development.

What Is Your USP?

In respect product, service and décor it certainly ‘affordable luxury’ and when you look around our stores you will appreciate that HD is not like any other brand here and our average sales remains at the top of UK brands because of it.

In terms of our modus operandi, we work ethically and to BFA (British Franchise Association) standards in all we do. We create sustainable and profitable franchise businesses, with a long-term growth model second to none.

Ok, So I Am Interested, What Happens Next?

Just contact Heavenly Desserts and the information exchange can begin. There is much quality information we can, and will, share with appropriate interested partners and no reasonable request for information will be denied.

What Happens Next?

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